Is DYSports right for your team?

DYSports is an organization that focuses on boys and girls youth (4th-8th grade) teams developing their game. Teams that DYSports targets would benefit from playing against teams with similar talent. DYSports defines “developing” as a youth team whose game is still evolving. DYSports' tournaments are not intended for every team. DYSports' ideal team is a team that finds itself not growing and developing by competing in local tournaments or leagues. Below is the list of teams that DYSports caters to in their tournaments: 

    - Select Programs
         - B Teams (Still Developing)
         - C Teams
         - D Teams

    - High school Feeder Programs
         - Division 1 / A Teams (Still Developing)
         - Division 2 / B Teams

     - New Select team
          - Teams that are testing the waters of AAU

DYSports' goal is to provide a new level of play by providing a tournament that is competitive for all teams. 



Are you an AAU Member?


For a team to participate in a DYSports tournament all participants, players as well as coaches, must have a AAU membership. If an individual does not have a AAU membership number, they will not be allowed to participate in the tournament. If you need to register for a membership click on the link below to take you to the registration page on the AAU website. 

AAU Membership Registration

What is AAU?