DYSports’ Tournament Partnership

Fundraising Challenges:

DYSports understands the importance of fundraising for high school programs. This tournament allows your program to raise funds from an audience that your players or students have not reached before with previous fundraisers.

How does the partnership work?


Your program will receive:

  • Ticket Sales

  • Concession Sales

DYSports will receive:

  • Team entry fees

  • Gym space for free

Your program will provide:

  • Volunteers to work ticket entrance

  • Volunteers to work concessions

  • Equipment (access to school’s score boards, bleachers out for fans)

DYSports will provide:

  • Referees

  • Registration

  • Tournament supervisors


Potential Income:

DYSports expects each of its tournaments to make between $500 - $1,000 per basketball court for its partnering program (Ex: 3 courts would equal between $1,500 - $3,000). The duration of the tournament will be two days, Saturday – Sunday.

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