Why DYSports?

All youth, no matter their age or gender, develop, grow, and mature at different paces. The same goes for youth teams. For youth teams to develop, they need the ability to compete. Comparable competition allows them to work on recently learned skills, run play sets, and enjoy the game. In today’s select tournaments, too often there is a large gap between the talent level. This gap can hinder youth growth and development. DYSports was started to give select youth teams the chance to compete, grow and develop. DYSports was not established to give everyone a trophy—some of life’s best lessons come from setbacks and loses. However, more equal competition will better spur youth development. Because in the end it is not how you started but how you finished your career.


DYSports' Vision:

Provide a venue for developing youth athletes to improve skills, increase confidence, and compete.



DYSports was founded by John Verduin. John grew up in Seattle playing three different sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football). He attended Ballard High School where he continued to play football and basketball. John was fortunate enough to continue his basketball career by playing at the collegiate level for Willamette University and now has just finished his MBA at Seattle University. During his youth years, John experienced all levels of competition. It was not until he started coaching that he realized there are not enough levels of play for youth to optimize their game. John believes that for a kid to improve and develop a love for the game, he or she needs to participate in games where they can compete and grow.